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MULTIFLEX - MULTISISTEM develops and manufactures belt and power transmission systems that have application areas in many sectors. Our company is which was built a new factory with experience from the past, it offers reliability and Turkey throughout the marketing elements with logistics and organization of the Istanbul branch and Osmaniye organizing polyurethane belt manufacturing jobs with WORLD AND TURKEY in diameter goals come at a good level.
10 Years Experience
We are on the way to become a world brand by producing the belts, which are indispensable for the industry, with domestic means.
Technological Infrastructure
We produce our products with new technology vehicles.
Expert Team in the Field
We have an experienced staff with strong human relations that prioritize customer satisfaction.

Domestic Production
and our R&D studies

Open Ended Timing Belts
Multiflex open-ended timing belts are made of thermoplastic polyurethane with spiral steel wire. Automotive, elevators, goods handling and lifting systems, energy sector etc. used in the fields.
Polyurethane round air hoses
Polyurethane round air hoses are used in automatic machines, coating machines, pneumatic circuits and systems, hydraulic or pneumatic machines, construction and many sectors of industry.
Polyurethane Round Belts
These belts produced from thermoplastic polyurethane used in power transmission; It provides significant time savings as it does not require maintenance with its resistance to water, petroleum, liquid and solid oils and U.V rays.
Infinite Time Belts
Multiflex endless synchronous belts are classical MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH belts in trapezoidal tooth form that provide high precision and synchronization used in power and motion transmission in machines in the industry.

Our Industrial
Applications on Belts.

Treated Belts
Belts are coated with special materials with color, pattern and hardness options, depending on some parameters, taking into account the desired friction resistance.
Coated Belts
Coatings are used for purposes such as changing the upper surface characteristics of the belts and making the belt more grippy, non-slip, wipeable, cleanable, and high temperature resistance.
Special Coated Belts
Specially coated belts are specially produced for oily and high temperature environments and processes that require antistatic properties.
Attached Belt Application
We can also cut and assemble Open Ended Belts, which is one of our production items, as desired by our customers. At the end of this process applied on special machines, we manufacture endless belts with steel wire.
Round and Angular Belts and Applications
Along with the production of round and angular belts, we also have round belts with threads, which are produced by adding special threads in line with the needs of our customers.
Rubber Timing Belts
Our products include rubber timing belts. Our rubber timing belts are delivered ready-to-use after processing in the dimensions required by our customers.
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